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Overnight trips to Surin Islands

Stay at the island
in tents or bungalows
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Staying overnight at Surin Islands


... arrive and cast off the stress

Koh Surin National Marine Park rates as one of Thailand's prime island locations – he was promoted to an Andaman Asian Heritage Site in 2004.

The two main islands Koh Surin Nua (North Surin Island) and Koh Surin Tai (South Surin Island) form the bulk of the land mass. The other 3 satellite islands both enhance the over ground vistas and provide supplementary fringing reef.

The Surin Marine Park is a shining example of natural beauty. It plays host to a phenomenal range of flora and fauna on the land and in the sea. The casual tourist may be able to enjoy a glimpse of the park's promise whilst the naturalist can marvel at the impressive biodiversity.

The various corals around the island making this place to one of the best snorkel sites in Thailand.
The island is naturally uninhabited except for the Nomadic Sea Gypsies – the Moken People.

Peaceful and tranquil, various wildlife can be found on the island including flying squirrels, pigtailed monkeys, flying lizards or sea eagles.

Our partner Sea Star offers daily overnight tours to the Surin Islands , which are suitable especially for families who like to experience sea, sand and sun.

Note: The request in the high season (from November to April) is particularly big and it happens that one finds many tourists on the island.

daily schedule, day 1

8:00am Check-in and pick up your snorkeling gear.
9:00am Depart from Nam Khem pier to Surin Island (Best for snorkeling site of Andaman) by speedboat.
10:20am Arrived at Surin Island National Park, go to snorkeling at Chong Kad Channel then visit Moken village where the sea gypsy residing in north Andaman sea or choose alternate to relaxing on Mai Ngam beach. (with baggage)
12:00pm Set lunch served at the national park canteen with variety of beverage menu and seasonal Thai fruits.
1:30pm Meet your guide and check-in to your accommodations then relaxing on Mai Ngam beach.
4:30pm Meet at 200 meters meeting point jungle walk to Kra Ting bay watch the sunset or choose free time on Mai Ngam beach.
7:00pm Dinner then return to your accommodation free and relaxing.

daily schedule, day 2

8:00am Have breakfast at the national park canteen.
9:30am swimming & snorkeling at Mai Ngam Beach
12:00pm Have lunch at the national park canteen.
1:30pm snorkeling at Bon Bay / Mea Yai Bay and at Pineapple Bay / Tao Bay
6:00pm Dinner, then return to your accommodation free and relaxing or choose to study nature at night. Watch chicken crab and nocturnal animal species.

daily schedule, day 3

8:00am Have breakfast at the national park canteen.
9:00am Enjoy swimming and snorkeling at Mai Ngam beach then preparing for departure.
12:00pm Have lunch at the national park canteen.
1:30pm Snorkeling at Bon Bay / Mae Yai Bay and snorkeling at Pineapple Bay or Tao Bay to enjoy the beauty of coral and fishes.
3:30pm Departure from Surin Island with the impression
5:00pm Arrived at the Nam Khem pier, time for shower and small BBQ and after that transfer to your accommodation.

Tents on Surin Island

Tents on Surin Island

Speedboat trip, sleeping in a tent or bungalow

2 days / 1 night - Adult 6.300,-
2 days / 1 night - Child (4-11 yrs.) 4.300,-
3 days / 2 nights - Adult 7.700,-
3 days / 2 nights - Child (4-11 yrs.) 5.300,-

All Prices in Thai Baht (THB)

Please send inquiries by email to

Price includes
Sleeping in a tent
Transfers hotel - boat - hotel (in Khao Lak)
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruits, drinking water, soft drinks, coffee, tea
Full Snorkel equipment
Marine Park entry fees
Travel Insurance

Bungalow (2 person / night) 2.000 THB
Bungalow (4 person / night) 3.000 THB

Transfer from Phuket add. 300 Baht / person

What to bring
Swim wear, shorts, light t-shirt, beach towel, sunscreen, rash guard, mosquito spray, sun cap,
sunglasses, beach shoes and flip flops.

Weather & Sea Conditions
Between November and January – especially around Christmas and New Years – steady northerly winds regularly create short bumpy waves, which can make parts of the boat rides uncomfortable. Although this does not affect the safety of the boat rides, we cannot guarantee enjoyable boat rides to every individual on every given day. We experienced a wide range of individual guest reactions to these conditions. As the Family Tour and Koh Kam tour do not require the speedboat to leave sheltered waters at any time, this does apply to all tours except Family Tour and Koh Kam tours.
From February on weather and sea conditions are usually very calm and comfortable.

The tour operator reserves the right to change or adjust the itinerary of the tour if necessary due to weather changes or any other unforeseen circumstances.

Medical Advice
Individuals with the following medical conditions are excluded from this speedboat tour:
• Back Issues
• Heart Issues & Diseases
• Pregnancy
• Epilepsy

Please be advised that this is a safety regulation by the Thai Department for National Parks and there is no insurance cover for individuals with these conditions whatsoever on speedboat tours!

Cancellation Policy
Until 24 h before tour departure, you can cancel your tour anytime via email or phone call. If you do not have any communication devices, please ask your hotel reception to call us.

Simple Bungalow on Surin Island