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Local Diving near the coast

Wreck Diving at Boonsung,
Premchai & Sea Chart Wreck
at Khao Na Yak
or at the Wreck Park T-13
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At Boonsung Wreck

Aboard the Long-tail boat Sairung


Harlequin Nudibranch

Archive image Boonsung

Wreck Diving

Boonsung Wreck


At Boonsung Wreck

We arrange half-day trips by long-tail boat to local wrecks, Khao Lak has to offer.

One of the trip sites is the outstanding wreck "Boonsung".
Here you will find an old tin mining platform which sank in 1984 and rests at a depth of 20 meters. The boxing day Tsunami of 2004 separated the wreck into several parts, making the dive site bigger and even more attractive.

Over several years, it became colonized by thousands upon thousands of fish, glad to be lucky enough to have an artificial reef in a vast expanse of sand.

Around the wreck, which locals describe as “fish soup,” you will pass through clouds of snappers, fusiliers, batfish, and trevally as you look for the special things living within the wreck and in the surrounding sand.

Crocodile fish, stonefish, scorpionfish, lionfish, ornate ghost pipefish, a lot of moray eels in different sizes and much more reside with the kings of the site, the nudibranchs.

Whale sharks are regularly spotted

We start the trip about 09:00 am from Khao Lak and bring you by Taxi to Pakarang Beach where the long-tail boat is waiting for you. We need about 30 minutes to the dive sites and doing 2 dives with a lunch break during the surface interval. We will be back at the beach around 2:00 pm and in Khao Lak 30 minutes later.

every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday

Whale Shark at the Boonsung wreck

A big surprise at the season's start


Tec Diving at Sea Chart Wreck

On a clear day there is a lot to discover

The spot is perfect for Tec Diving

The ship propeller

Archive image MV Sea Chart

Whale Shark at the Sea Chart

Sea Chart Wreck


Tec Diving at Sea Chart Wreck

MV Sea Chart was in the process of transporting 1.200 logs of wood in its 3.200 tonnes hold from Burma, heading across the Andaman Sea, down through the Straits of Malacca and then on to its final destination in Vietnam.

However, in August 2009, the bulk-carrier encountered problems not far from Thailand’s coast, where rough seas and severe weather battered the ship, causing multiple leaks in its hull. Water leaked into the engine room and began to sink the vessel. All crew on board the Sea Chart managed to escape on inflatable rafts soon to be rescued by a Thai Navy ship. MV Sea Chart, 84 meters long and 12 meters wide, now rests on her starboard side in 40 meters of water.

This fascinating shipwreck still with cargo aboard and many other original features makes a jaw-dropping dive for wreck divers. A huge amount of marine life has already settled on this wreck. There are lots of Lionfish, a school of huge Batfish, several different unusual nudibranchs, a school of big Rainbow runners, a big old Baracuda, Octopus, Ghost Pipefish, Frogfish and many others.

This is a dive site for more experienced divers and for our deep diver courses.

On request


at Premchai Wreck

The wreck is well inhabited

Archive image Premchai

Fish Soup at Premchai Wreck

Premchai Wreck


at Premchai Wreck

Here we do the 2. dive after Sea Chart Wreck

The Premchai has sunk 2001 during the transport to Phuket in bad weather.
It is not as heavily populated as the Boonsung wreck but year by year more sea dwellers find a home here and now it has become an attractive wreck.

Placed close to the Tablamu coast, the visibility is largely affected by the coastal tide. On a good day, the visibility may not get much better than about 10m, but you can still hope to see a variety of nudibranch, mollusks, pipefish scorpion fish, cuttlefish, crocodile fish, mantis shrimp, orangutan crab, and moray eel.

Don’t expect to get any deeper than 22 meters unless you bring a shovel. You’ll have to pay close attention to your deco limit because, although you can’t go any deeper than 22 meters, you will spend the majority of the dive between this depth and the top of the wreck in around 12 meters.

We are using this wreck for the second dive after the Sea Chart.

On request


Khao Na Yak


This is a shallow reef with a maximum depth of 9m. The rocky shoreline gently slopes down to a sandy bottom. There is a variety of coral growing on the rocks, including small table corals, brain corals, staghorn. Hiding in the rocks we can find honeycomb moray eels, or giant morays. There is a good selection of reef fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, snappers, mullet, barracuda, sweepers, small triggerfish, clownfish and damselfish.

With big sandy areas, this is a great dive site for courses and perfect for practicing navigation or buoyancy. Keep an eye out for some unusual creatures!

We are using this wreck for the first dive on beginner courses.

On request


The ceremony on March 22 2014

T13 on the last journey

it sinks ...

... and sinks

Tour to the wreck park by long-tail boat

The ship's bow today



Artificial reef

The place is already well inhabited

The sinking of T13

Wreck Park T-13


On March 22, 2014, the T-13 patrol boat was sunk about 4 kilometers off Khao Lak at La Flora Resort as the first part of a wreck park called Khao Lak Underwater World .
Later, a second patrol boat is to join T-13 and over the years the wreck park is to be supplemented by several used trucks, tanks, train carriages, old aircraft and in a few years even a full-blown warship.

The aim of the project is the creation of a dive site in the immediate vicinity of the beach resorts of Khao Lak, on the one hand, to offer the new dive tourism new excursion possibilities. Furthermore, the experience of the Boonsung Wreck, a tin mining machine sunk in front of White Sand Beach in 1984 and one of Khao Lak's most popular dive sites, shows that steel wrecks in this area are extremely beneficial to underwater fauna.

These wrecks provide perfect breeding and mating conditions for all types of aquatic life - the abundance of fish on the Boonsung Wreck, e.g. far exceeds than at the Similan Islands. Furthermore, several studies on the Boonsung Wreck have shown that the vast majority of them are young, which have perfect growing conditions. Once individuals reach adulthood, they leave the wreck and populate the surrounding sea.

There is also the hope of the local fishing industry that the new wrecks have a positive impact on the fishing grounds of the entire area. In the weeks after the sinking of the ship, therefore, were also several fishing boats at night on site, directed their strong lights, which are actually used for fishing, on the new wreck to lure the underwater life to the wreck. This was the first known case in Khao Lak where fishing boats contributed to the blossoming of a dive site ...

Now the wreck lies at about 12 to 15 meters, the shallowest point is about 8 meters deep - depending on the tides. Due to the close proximity and easy accessibility with our long-tail boat, a trip to the T-13 wreck is possible as a half-day tour. The shallow depth is perfect for beginners' courses, and it also gives experienced divers two neat long dives, as with a surface break (lunch break) of about an hour, enough rest time can be set up for a second 60-minute dive.

Name: T-13
Commissioning: 1968
Shipyard: Peterson Builders
Country of origin: USA
Decommissioned: October 19, 2011
Displacement: 130 tons

We are using this wreck for the second dive on beginner courses.

On request

Pictures: Arandora (Google Album) and Natt (iQ-DIVE Khao Lak)

Local Dive Prices

Boonsung Wreck Tuesday, Friday & Sunday, minimum 2 divers 3.000,-
Khao Na Yak / Wreck Park on request, minimum 2 divers 3.000,-
Sea Chart / Premchai Wreck on request, minimum 2 divers 3.000,-

All Prices in THB (Thai Baht).

For Sea Chart Wreck required
Advanced or OWD + Deep, as well Nitrox certification and at least 50 logged dives,
last dive not more than 3 months ago.

Note! Wreck tours are not recommended for children or non-divers.

Price includes
Travel Insurance, Transfers Khao Lak Hotel / Boat / Hotel, lunch, drinking water, soft drinks, fruits, mask and snorkel, fins, life-jacket, guide, basic insurance and NITROX (If Nitrox is not available, there is no right for a reduction!)

Not included - rental equipment per day
BCD 200 THB, regulator 200 THB, shorty 3mm 100 THB,
Dive computer 250 THB, LED Flashlight 200 THB, Compass 150 THB